Product Information


Final-Shield™ is an advanced stage liquid polymer system treatment designed to protect fabrics and carpeting from waterborne, oil borne, and soil borne mediums.

Final-Shield™ is not a surface coating. It is an example of the latest chemical technology utilizing cross linking of polymers to fibers. Each fiber is infused with millions of “string like” polymer chemical “umbrellas” that surround each fiber in a protective barrier. The protection does not readily break down with use or with cleaning, thus giving an extremely long-lasting protective affinity to the fiber structure.

Final-Shield™ becomes an inherent part of the fibers, effectual to water, oil, and soil resistance on fiber structures. Final-Shield’s™ protection is uniform throughout each fiber. It is important to note the Final-Shield™ does not change the breathability of the fiber.

Final-Shield's™ additional benefits impart greater abrasion and fade resistance to the fabrics and carpeting, thereby causing them to retain their new appearance longer, with no change of color, texture, or flame rating.

Final-Shield™ has been tested and does not contain any PFOS, PFOA or other PFAAS harmful chemicals. Additionally, Final-Shield™ has been tested in accordance with accepted industry methods to evaluate its performance and safety, both alone, and in comparison, with other known products. The following page of information is based on summaries of these findings.

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