Sean Williams, Owner and President (left)

Tim Timmins, Sales Manager (right)

Timmins Enterprises was founded in 1992, and was Incorporated in 1994, by Tim Timmins. Tim has an extensive background in sales and business ownership, and had an idea to start an elite fabric protection and cleaning company, offering better value and care than its competitors. This idea was the beginning of an outstanding company with an excellent reputation. In August of 2013, Tim sold Timmins Enterprises, Inc. to Sean Williams. Tim remains a valuable part of the Timmins team, offering valued experience and expertise as the sale manager.

In 1995 Sean started his own carpet and upholstery cleaning business. In 1999, Sean met Tim and decided to join forces and worked together to keep up with the growing demands of Timmins Enterprises.

In 2001, Sean took over the Service Department for Timmins Enterprises, wherein his roles included hiring and training all employees, and ensuring the Technicians were provided with the best equipment, tools, and products to allow them to do their job with the highest quality. This mindset was key in keeping Timmins Enterprises ahead of the competition in customer satisfaction and top notch service.

In August of 2013, Sean purchased Timmins Enterprises from Tim, with a vision and goal of exceeding his clients' expectations, and to always perform the finest quality in service and customer satisfaction.

Sean's background is in customer service and small business ownership, and he believes the key to running a successful service business with an outstanding reputation starts with hiring quality service technicians. Because of this philosophy, Timmins Enterprises employs a team of seven, well trained, professional service technicians.

Timmins Enterprises, Inc.

5 Michigan Drive

The Annex - Natick, MA 01760

Phone: (508) 655-0011 ~ (781) 237-2345